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Prime Press Officer, Corporate Reputation

Charlie Stjernberg is a Partner, Senior Consultant and Head of the Prime Crisis & Issues offering. He has been at Prime since 2006, working with hundreds of crises throughout the years. His innate ability to resolve complex emergencies has led to his reputable title as “the PR industry’s Dr. House.” Previously, he worked as a Journalist, Communication Advisor and co-founder of Finanstidningen. As one of Sweden’s most experienced Crisis Counselor, he has extensive experience in handling crises for both organizations and individuals in potentially damaging situations within all sectors of politics, finance, industry, culture and media. He is also an expert on media relations, and currently serves as the Prime Press Officer.

Charlie is highly experienced as a crisis advisor to corporate management groups within public affairs, industrial manufacturing and finance industries and handles an average of 100 crises annually.

   +46 (0)70 341 46 18