The House of Clicks

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Each week, one fifth of all Swedes visit Hemnet, Sweden’s biggest property portal. But in a world of business disruption, you can’t stop evolving. So, to strengthen Hemnet’s leading market position, we set out to show that Hemnet is not only a pioneer of property portals — but also the future of property development.

And we did so by turning ones and zeros into bricks and mortar. A team of data scientists analyzed over 200 million clicks on Hemnet, unearthing the foundation of what Swedes dream about in a future home. We then gave the data to two architects and created the House of Clicks – a 1,5 storey home featuring a red wooden facade and a private roof-top terrace. Co-created with over 2 million Swedes, it turned big data into a truly big idea.

The House of Clicks quickly became a hot topic in media with a total reach of 218 million and sparked a global debate on the future of architecture and property development. Raising the question if big data can be the foundation for the home of tomorrow. And it may already be, as 648 people from around the world had signed up to buy the house when it hits the market.

So, in addition to reinforcing market leadership, we created a new market that puts us in the forefront of property development. So the next time you look for your dream home on Hemnet, you might just be part of building it.