The Out of Home Project

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Our mission was to show the possibilities of Clear Channel’s digital screens. Clear Channel is an active player in the cities where they are present, and want to help cities create better solutions for its people.


Winters in Sweden are cold – and at extreme temperatures the risk for fatal frostbites increases. Therefore, emergency shelters open up all around Stockholm at below -7 degrees. The problem is that too few know that they exist and where they are located. So, we created an emergency system that kicked in at -7 degrees. Using data from a number of organizations, weather data, GPS coordinates and time the screens showed homeless people the way to the closest open emergency shelter.


Many organizations have witnessed new people visit the emergency shelters during the winter. The project is still ongoing and spreading to other countries in Europe. 89% of people reached by the campaign have a positive impression of the message, and a total of 78% have become more positive towards Clear Channel. Furthermore, 4 out of 10 became interested in buying a product or service from the sender, which is higher than the benchmark of 2,5 out of 10.