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Application for our April recruitment day have now opened.

The application form below only accepts one PDF file – is your application saved as one comprehensive file? Incomplete applications will not be considered. Please double-check the submission requirements in your job description prior to handing in.

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Please find general information about our recruitment in the lead up to this year’s recruitment below. Junior recruitment is handled once a year through our recruitment day whilst senior recruitment is on-going throughout the year.

If you are a senior candidate interested in working at Prime or United Minds, please contact Recruitment Manager Madelaine Zetterström at


Remember – when we look at your application we focus on who you are, what your passions are and what motivates you. This guides us to the right decision regarding what position you will have at Prime & United Minds, meaning that there is absolutely no risk of your application not being selected because you opted to apply for the “wrong” position.

Are you the right fit?

There are many different kinds of people working at Prime & United Minds, from all kinds of backgrounds. However, there are a few common denominators:

  • You are ambitious and guided by values including kindness, democracy and respect for others
  • You are a team player capable of astounding individual performance
  • You can and want to take full responsibility for the smallest to largest tasks, enjoy working hard and getting frequent feedback
  • You are capable of discerning when to follow directions and when to take initiative
  • You excel at, or are greatly interested in, analysis and communications work, with solid verbal and written skills in both English and Swedish
  • A positive outlook and a sense of humor is much appreciated

Are we the right fit?

We ask many things of our employees. But we are also anxious to make sure you grow just as fast as we do, and we go to great lengths to create an environment that enables this. At Prime & United Minds only the limits you set for yourself determinate the scope of how far you can go. In our meritocracy, what matters isn’t your background, gender or resumé – but your ability to perform and help yourself, your co-workers and the company achieve results.

What will you need to submit?

Submission requirements for all positions are detailed in each job description as they vary between positions.

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